What I’m about to do


“Live… and be free.”

Gilbert Bougainvillea

In this first post of mine, I would like to introduce myself to you, and give you a gist of what I want to do on this Blog.

Let’s start with my name. It actually has a long history! Back in 2010, I wanted to create a character in a game called Metin2. At that time I heard about the flying Noodle Monster, so I thought to myself: “Let’s take that one. It isn’t too bad.” Sadly the german name “Nudelmonster”, was already taken, which left me with no other choice than to change that “u” to an “o”, hence Nodelmonster. Ever since then, I used this name over and over, and it kinda became a part of me, which is why I use it ’till this day. ^^

As you already might have guessed, this Blog is going to be about me writing, first and foremost, reviews about Anime I have watched in the past, I currently am watching, and will be watching in the future. Maybe I am going to add some other sections as well, but for now I want you to read my personal opinion on some of my favourite and not so favourite anime.

My history with anime is explained fairly easily. I started watching Anime around 2015 with… I believe Detective Conan, Bakugan and Elfenlied was it. From that point on, my career as an Anime-Lover began. I started to shift from games to Anime more and more, until I was completely absorbed in the scene. In that time, from 2015 up until now (October of 2019) I have watched approximately ~600 Anime… Might be more.^^’ I actually don’t know if I should be proud or not, but now that it’s come to this, I want to share all my knowledge and experience with you.. The people who not yet read my Blog ;D

But there is still something left… “Why do I want to write reviews.” So yeah why? That is actually a good question. I am not from any english speaking country, and one simple reason is to polish my english skills (*On this note: If you find any spelling, grammar or other kind of errors in my writings, I would like you to tell me, so that I can update the respective post. Thank you^^). But that is not all. As I said above I totally love Anime and writing at that. I want to reach as many people as possible, spread my love for Anime, and get them into the world of animation as well.

A good way to do so, I thought to myself, was by opening an Anime related YouTube channel, which I actually did, but I needed video material… I got some, and oh wonder… YouTube blocked my first attempt to upload a video.^^’ That was kind of a shock, but some time later, (Yesterday) I saw a video about Blogs. And then it came to me. When writing a Blog I didn’t have to have video material! And if I would need some, I could implement the source video right here on this site! A day later, today, this Blog was born.

I plan on posting one review a week for now. Let’s see if that is any good, and if I can keep that up^^
If you read this far, I hope you are going to stick with me for a little longer :3

See you in my first review!


“When you hit the point of no return, that’s the moment it truly becomes a journey.”

—Hinata Miyake

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