Kantai Collection

Kantai Collection

As you can already see, and probably have noticed (You clicked on this post^^’), todays Anime is Kantai Collection! I recently listend to the opening on YouTube in a while, and a sudden urge to watch, and review, this Anime has come over me. So, here I am writing this review^^

“Mankind named them Abyssalys…”

—Narrator of Kantai Collection

Let’s start with a little description of the situation. Kantai Collection starts off, in a world where the sea is under constant threat from a foreign species called Abyssals. In order to fight them, a naval base is established, not armed with normal weapons, but with girls who harbour the spirit of Japanese warships. These so called Kanmusu (japanese short for fleet girl) have the power to wield weaponized gear, which allows them to fight against the Abyssals.

Title: Kantai Collection
Japanese: 艦隊コレクション (Kantai Korekushon)
Studio: Diomedea
Genre: Action, Military, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life, School
Episodes: 12
Broadcasted: Winter 2015


Judging from that synopsis alone, this Anime seems pretty weird. To be honest, at first, this anime looked like a Cute Girls Doing Not So Cute Things thingy to me, but actually watching it, it sucked me into it’s world, not letting me go anymore. Sadly, I couldn’t finish this in one go, because I had some things to do, but I always found myself driven back to the Anime, wondering what would happen next.

As I read in some comments, this Anime is based on a game, which in turn is based on real events that happened during WW2. (I looked it up, it really is^^’) These real events are called fate in the Anime. It’s not really explained, so here you go, just in case you were wondering. Keeping in mind that this story is based on WW2 turned into cute girls fighting not so cute (Some are?) monsters, this story is actually translated really well into the Anime theme.

From me, the Story gets 7 out of 10 noodles (Yes I changed it to noodles). Why? Because I had nothing really to complain about, but it wasn’t the most complicated, carefully crafted Story out there.



Okay, let’s get ready for the Characters… First of all, we don’t get any backround knowledge whatsoever. At first, I thought that was kinda weird, but looking it up afterwards, there can’t really be any knowledge knowing that these girls were real ships (with no history) to begin with. May this be forgiven.

On to the Characters themselves, we have got these 5(?) as, in my opinion at least, most important Characters. But this is not all, we’ve got a lot more (And I really mean a lot more) ships… I mean girls. Surprisingly, they are almost all good characters! They have got their own personalities, differentiating on another. Not just the main Characters get development, but also a lot of the side Characters are given at least some time, which is surprising, knowing that there are more than 40 not so important side kicks.

What bothered me the most though, is some of their voices and personalities. I would say a good third of them had weird speaking patterns (Which doesn’t particularly have to bother you, it probably does for me because I can speak Japanese…), and super-duper high pitched eerie voices.

Considering all of this, I would give them 7 out of 10 noodles. I would like to give more, but the voices and some of their Character traits are just nothing for me.



This time I have got something to say about the visuals, because of one little thing… CGI. I have to say, I am in no way a friend of CGI, more so if it is done badly like in Arifureta or Overloard III. Luckily, in this Anime we have got relatively good CGI which is only used during fights, and as little as possible at that. (The last fight didn’t use CGI at all) BUT, it still used CGI from time to time again, which sets me up a little, because it could have been way better without it.

The overall animation was mediocre I would say, but don’t weight my opinion on this one too much^^’ At times it was better, but still not high above average, giving this Anime a visual score of just 6 out of 10 noodles.



Okay, as you already know, I have watched this Anime solely because I listened to the Opening and Ending songs quite often. Which obviously means, that this Anime has some fantastic soundtrack! I found it awesome to begin with, and that feeling got stronger throughout the Anime. There was not one time I skipped the OP or the ED, which is actually surprising, and don’t do often!

The inserted songs during fights or emotional scenes were, at least as far as I noticed, perfectly placed, without feeling out of place or overdone. To be honest, I am listening to the Opening and Ending even while writing this review, giving this one a real 9.5 out of 10 noodles! Just stunning!


Final Rating

So, now that we have got all our scores:

Story: 7
Characters: 7
Visuals: 6
Music: 9.5

I would like to attach a final Rating of 8 out of 10 noodles to it. That definitely is higher than what you would get if you were to calculate the median of those Ratings, but my overall Rating has got little to do with all the single parts, and is rather a How much did I enjoy this Anime kind of question. And I have to say, I really did enjoy this one, giving it an overall score of:


Would I recommend this one? Definitely! If you have got time on your hands and don’t know what to do with it, go ahead and watch Kantai Collection!

Thank you for reading, see you in my next review^^


“Without dissent, without shame, without resentment!”


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