Terror in Resonance: Something Special

Zankyou no Terror



Terror in Resonance… Where should I start with this..? Let’s start by saying that this review could never, in any way, do this Anime justice! This is one of those pieces of art that will probably be remembered for a long time to come. Well, at least in the Anime community that is. I wonder why I haven’t watched it earlier…

Okay, I let me organize my thoughts on this one real quick…^^’
So, for you, this was nothing more than jumping to the next line, but for me, it actually took some time.^^ Let’s get this going for real!

(Forgot to mention below, but this Anime is a psychological thriller with terrorism as the main topic)

Terror in Resonance Opening

A Captivating Story

From the moment I saw the first few seconds of this Anime, it completely captured me and didn’t let me go. The Story starts in a nuclear facility in Japan, when our two main protagonists Nine and Twelve steal an important object, leaving the place behind with the letters VON written on the ground. The police frantically search for them… without any results.

The government is shattered by their inability to act, and, as much as the police, is clueless. Half a year after the attack, a video appears on the internet, going viral in a matter of minutes. Two young men are seen calling themselves Sphinx, foretelling that Tokyo will be engulfed into darkness at 3 pm the day after, as well as sparks flying all around.

After calling it off as nothing, the police are baffled as the next day a big explosion occurs in the middle of Tokyo after a large power outage, again leaving the police with no clue as to how, why and who did it.

The Story follows our two main protagonists that shouldn’t exist struggle against their unfortunate fate and the government.

This Anime’s complex Story was so beautifully and well crafted together, that… nothing really felt like it had no purpose. Everything was where it was supposed to be. Throughout the whole series, I was on the edge of my chair, impatiently clicking on the button for the next episode, because I just couldn’t stop.

Do you know this feeling after you’ve watched a good amount of movies, series, and Anime in particular that you can foresee what will happen based on often-used tropes and clichés? That is definitely not the case with this one. I was really surprised at what happened time and time again, especially at the end.^^

Carefully Crafted Characters

As much as everything, each Character in this Anime served an important purpose. With this, I probably oppose a lot of people that said that two to three Characters were totally useless and unimportant to the Story, making this piece a lot worse than it could have been. But I don’t think that there could be a Character in any (well, almost…) Anime that doesn’t fulfill an important role. But that might just be me.

Anyway, I had my problems with some of them as well, but rather such that you would have with probably any Antagonist. Some were annoying sometimes though… That said, they all had their personalities, which I think is an important feature that every Anime should have and implement.

As I already kind of said before, the build-up of the Story either made you despise a Character or really made you like him. That, I think, again, depends on one’s own taste…somehow…^^ They even had good background stories, which is quite important considering the premise of this Anime. I’m glad they give that amount of information. At this point, I can’t remember whether that was a lot, but it was definitely sufficient.^^

Refreshing Visuals

You don’t have to take anything seriously I say about animation (unless I talk about Violet Evergarden or Kimetsu no Yaiba aka Demon Slayer), but that is a different territory. But don’t listen to me, listen to the ones that commented under all those episodes, they really loved it.^^ (I hope that gives at least some perspective… most likely not though…)

But yes, as stated above, the Characters and surroundings had unique designs. I would say it’s more the Aku no Hana style, but not really so. As I said, pretty unique, which gives this Anime even more plus points. Everything looked just really good, not AOT level but good.

Over The Top Music

The Music in this one is something else. Unlike almost anything I heard before in an Anime. The creators actually went to Iceland to create this beautiful piece. Like the animation, the Music was refreshing as well. Well placed background music set the mood throughout the whole Story, and they never missed a mark. They created the emotions we needed at that exact moment, empowering the ones we already felt just from the Story alone.

My personal favorite is definitely the song they played at the end. I have to say, I shed a tear. And lately that rarely happens, due to other Anime that kind of sucked out every last tear left in my body^^’

Sum Up

Alright. To sum this one up; You really have to watch this. If you’ve read this far, I totally recommend you, no I order you to watch this Anime. I don’t care if you’ve got time. Go ahead and watch this beautiful piece of art.

No okay, that went a bit too far, but really, give this a go. I hope this at least gave you some reference as to just how good this Anime is.

Terror in Resonance Ending

This was rather long, wasn’t it? I don’t know. I know that this well… review (is it that really?) cannot in some way deliver the greatness of this Anime, but at least I hope that it brought to you just how much I liked this Anime^^

See you in my next Post


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